Thursday, June 2, 2016


   Hello! I am a Producer, Event Planner and Educator.  
My life in NYC began seven years ago as a wide eyed innocent landing my first* job on Wall Street! 

*Technically second job. The first job was at a Bagel shop on 33rd and 3rd that I got off a Craigslist ad the week I arrived.  Working with Bagels gave me my first real experience of  NYer culture - fast, abrupt, hungry and clear about what we want and like! 
I quickly found I had a talent at sales and copy-writing. I then segued into teaching at private and charter schools around the city. I have also managed theatrical productions associated with The New York Fringe Festival, Off-Off-Broadway original premiers and, currently, my own community and event space: Casa de Beverley, best known for hosting a monthly new-play reading salon-style event, One Acts and Snacks.

   My passion is exploring how Education and the Arts relate to our lives whether we're on campus, on stage, or on a completely different path.  Below is an article I wrote to exemplify how performing arts skills are directly transferable to anyone's life and work including my own as a producer, event planner, classroom teacher and possibly a future working with you!

The 4 Keys to Less Stress and Greater Connection:

1) "Yes, and..."

"Yes, and..." is a theory taught to all improvisational actors. To "Yes, and..." means to accept what the other person gives you, either their verbal or more subtle non-verbal cues, and then build on it, creating the ultimate scene that gets you both what you want.

2) "Being In The Moment"

"Being in the Moment" is a simple concept that can be learned best kinesthetically. While we might normally shy away from "Being In The Moment" during a stressful situation, it actually leads to a more graceful (and quicker!) conclusion.

3) "Accepting the Given Circumstances"

One way we trip ourselves up during stressful times and when relating to others is to imagine that things are different than the facts may tell us. "Accepting The Given Circumstances" allows us to quickly see the situation or person as it or they truly are and move past the discomfort more quickly into connection and achievement.

4) “Committing to the Scene”

Commitment, surrender, toeing the line, playing full out: all of these are words for the same concept.When the first three keys are put into practice, this one comes naturally, allowing the courage, wherewithal or bootstrap energy that is necessary to exist and relate.

What do you love to learn about? What is it about Education or the Arts (or both or something else entirely) that motivates what you do? What challenges and stresses are you striving to overcome?



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